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Keep up to date with the latest news from Val Wood by following her Social Media platforms. You will find links to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram via the links at the bottom of the page.

The Doorstep Girls Reissue

The bestselling novel is due for rerelease on 1 February 2024 and will be available from all good booksellers and various supermarkets. 

Festival of Words 2023

Val will be joining Historical Panel authors: Rowan Coleman (Bella Ellis), Sylvia Broady and Contemporary Panel authors: Sharon Booth, Jessica Redland & Jeevani Charika (Rhoda Baxter) at Afternoon Tea with a Chapter of Romantic Novelists at this year's Festival of Words in Hornsea on Sunday 15th October. Details here. 

NEW FOR 2023:

The Hungry Tide 30th Anniversary

Val's award winning debut,The Hungry Tide turns 30 this year. In celebration of the anniversary the novel is being reissued with a few additional extras this October. More details will be announced shortly. 

Little Girl Lost

Val's novel, Little Girl Lost, will be reissued in paperback on 8 June 2023. Click on the Facebook Icon at the bottom of the page for more information and a chance to win a copy. 

Winter's Daughter

Val's brand new novel, Winter's Daughter, will be released in paperback on 19 Jan 2023. Book launch details and signings will be announced on Val's Facebook page. Click on the Facebook Icon at the bottom of the page for more information. 


Launch of Val Wood Prize 2022: Storytelling

Welcome to the launch of this year’s brand new competition. I thought I would write a few words of encouragement as you set forth to write your story. This year we are giving you free rein and the independence of writing in your own style and on any subject.

If you are new to the competition or if it is your first attempt at story telling or even if you have been writing all of your life, any one of you has a chance of writing a great story of your own choice or topic.

The writing of a short story is never easy; telling an imaginative tale that will grab a reader’s attention in the required number of words, is without doubt a huge challenge but so very satisfying.

If I might set your imagination free, I suggest you look around you at a city of bricks and mortar, a seascape, perhaps of high cliffs and lashing waves, a village scene where nothing much seems to happen, or wherever you feel comfortable or where you want to set a tale; it belongs to you; perhaps give your setting an atmosphere of serenity or furtive mystery and people it with your characters. Who are they? What are they up to? Can you name them? Do you know them as well as your own family? Could you invite them to tea, or do they make the hackles rise on the back of your neck?

I’d love to hear about them, tell me and I’ll guess that you will feel a great sense of creative pleasure: you might even win a prize! 

Good luck.   Val 

Val Wood at East Riding Theatre

For one night only Val Wood will be hosting a one woman show "My Life in a Book" followed by a Q&A and book signing on 27/01/22. Tickets are available here. 


Children of Fortune Paperback


The paperback edition of Children of Fortune is released on 20/01/22 and available from all good booksellers. 

Children of Fortune - Launch. 

Val's brand new novel, Children of Fortune is released on 25/11/21 and is available to pre-order from all good booksellers now. The launch event will take place at Waterstones, Jameson Street, Hull on 25/11 at 4.30pm. Val will be signing copies of the book and safety measures will be in place throughout the store. 

The Val Wood Prize 2021

The Val Wood Prize 202: Now and Then, in conjunction with Hull Libraries has now been launched and you can view the details here.

Reissue: The Innkeeper's Daughter

Originally released in 2012, the paperback edition of The Innkeeper's Daughter is being reissued with a brand new cover on 8 July 2021 and you can pre-order your copy from all good booksellers now.

The Lonely Wife Online Promo

Under the current lockdown restrictions Val is unable to meet readers face to face but she has featured on a couple of interviews that can now be viewed on the video page, where she discusses the novel, isolation and how much she misses meeting her readers. 

The Lonely Wife: 2021 Lockdown Paperback Book Launch

The paperback edition of The Lonely Wife is also launched under lockdown restrictions so there will be no book signings. The Lonely Wife is available from all good online booksellers and various supermarkets across the UK from 21 January. 

2020: Brand New Novel: The Lonely Wife.

Readers will be pleased to hear that The Lonely Wife. Due for release on 12th November and available now to pre-order from all good booksellers. Due to current restrictions regarding Covid-19, book signings are unable to be confirmed as yet but any further news will be released via this site and all of Val's social media platforms. You can also stay informed by signing up to Val's newsletter here. 

2020:The Val Wood Prize: The Next Chapter / The Yorkshire Prize

The competition is now closed and entries are currently being shortlisted. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the date for the winner's ceremony is yet to be confirmed but further information will be released via this site and all social media platforms. 

The Val Wood Trail: The Kitchen Maid

You can download the walking trail based on Val's bestselling book, The Kitchen Maid by visiting the website. 

Brand new essay.


Val's essay, Observations in the Time of Lockdown has recently been published in Sight Support magazine, if you would like to read the essay in its entirety, you can read it here


Sight Support HEY


Val is the vice president of SightSupport HEY. You can show your support by following their social media channels, which can be found via their website SightSupport. 


Homestart Hull. 

Val is a local Patron of Homestart (Hull). You can find out more about this fantastic charity and how they help families in the area by visiting their website HomestartHull. 

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